Sunday, October 14, 2007

Your Love Protects Me

Today a gale blows and a tempest doest rage,
Poseidon’s wrath borne with menace,
With decks awash and hope lost,
I think of my love so fair,
As the winds plays a mournful tune in the rig,
I remember the calm nights spent,
The warm days and short walks,
Nay, I will not give up,
Batten the hatches, stow the gear, lads!
Hold course, watch the lee and stay fast,I will see my love again this day


paisley said...

omg scott.. this is so awesome.. and i just wrote a villanelle called message in a bottle about a young lover lost at sea!!! how fitting... mine is for writers island and i will put it up tomorrow night on my ....why paisley??? blog

Scott Clawson said...

Thank you very much paisley, I look forward to reading your villanelle when you post it!


Scott Clawson said...

Thanks pasley, I read your message in a bottle it was very beautiful, thanks for sharing your imagery.