Friday, November 23, 2007

Together (Nonet)

My love abounds through the distant stars

With you by my side we will soar

Touching new worlds of wonder

Endlessly exploring

Forever loving

Hearts intertwined

Sharing fate

True love


Friday, November 2, 2007


From across the void I travel
Oh how has time spread it's wings
Distant are the footsteps of the past
Silence has become my unwitting partner
How will I ever know your touch again?
Have I forgotten how you feel?
Does the fragrance of your life elude me?
Do I stand a chance to hear the soft whisper of your voice?
Languishing through the stars I hear the faint melody
Just over the next horizon I may find you
A little farther and someday this journey will end
On the wings of despair I persevere
Driven by forces tugging on my very soul
Anguished and torn I continue this plight
An eternity I have searched
For an eternity I have loved
For an eternity I will continue on
For an eternity my love shall never wain
I will find you my love, in this eternity.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Epitaph (Prompt on Poefusion)

To Our Beloved Jud

Six feet under he does lie
We all came to say goodbye
No better friend we will miss
So here he lies in eternal bliss
To lose a friend is such a shame
However there is only one to blame
He would not have pass this way in vain
Had he only heard us all yell "Train!"