Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Beneath

Aphrodite by LXZP from Photobucket

Silently vying for space in a jungle

Souls march on in determined way

Decisions made and contracts confirmed

Hurried in pace, narrowed in sight

Time bought by advanced technology

Disappearing sand lost to efficiency

Net gain and loss make the bottom

Fulfilled life find quality a loss

Sun shining through a crystal realm

From beneath a view of chaos

Amusement found in a maze of mice

Wonderment over a multitude of fuss

From a position of calm and contentment

Wishing more would stop to enjoy

This life of enjoyment and discovery

Jump the wagon to see nothing you'll miss

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Up a creek......

"C'mon you piece of crap!" Lance yelled as he slapped the transponder once again with his gloved hand. He knew he was going to have to get it up and going again. If he didn't, he wouldn't see the next day as he would slowly freeze to death on this frozen ice world.
Can't believe I have traveled half way across the galaxy looking for a stupid relic, only to crash on this damn place with a busted ship transponder. Lance thought to himself despairingly. Standing up next to the unit he took a good look around. Ice as far as the eye could see, which wasn't very far in the ever present twilight. The system's star was too far away to provide much light or warmth at all. Hard to believe anyone would try to inhabit this place. Lance thought. Shaking his head he decided it was better to come back to the present to try to figure a way out of this mess. The extreme cold had made everything he touched very brittle and hard to work with. The big gloves didn't help either, but his hands would freeze in seconds if he didn't have them on he knew. "The signal is just not getting out! I've got power, the couplers are energized, but the transponder circuit is not transmitting! Hell, I'd use some aluminum foil if I thought it would do any good." Lance yelled at himself. Realizing that he had done all he could outside, he decided to go back into the ship and try to bypass the circuit and send an emergency signal using the ships onboard high frequency beacon. Slumping down at the command console, he shook his head, letting the snow fall across the console like salt from an oversize shaker. Watching it slowly melt, he started to formulate the plan to get his message out. Turning on the vid screen he took a look at the distant star. The picture outside looked washed and faded like you would see in the ancient Polaroid pictures of an era long since passed. Suddenly it came to him. Use the emergency beacon to bounce the signal off the magnetic field produced by the star! Using the star to boost the frequency just might give it enough range to reach the other ship, giving them his position. It was a long shot, but the only one he had. There was no way in hell he was going to let a second rate transponder skunk his chances of getting off this rock. As the distant star began to slip lower in the alien sky, Lance started to input the frequency codes into the emergency beacon. Maybe, just maybe they'll still be there….listening. Damn its getting cold in here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At Journey's End

A glance aft shows black weather
Seas confused by Poseidon's daughter
Off the bow last glimpse of horizon blue
Sightless fury make sails take shape
A few more leagues and she'll clear the point
If all goes well this ship will bear me

Weeks at sea this life has found me
Through calm seas and horrid weather
Pressing to hold our lead at point
Looking to glimpse the keeper's daughter
Following nightly stars of a different shape
Keel steady in the ocean of blue

Spin a yarn to chase the blue
Do I hear boards creaking or me
Scrub daily to keep the decks in shape
Watch the sails as they show some weather
Fancy the tender be the ship's daughter
Steady the helm to keep a compass point

Trace the line from a charted point
Dream of my love dressed in blue
A twin image of a mother's daughter
Remember the day she betrothed me
I'll need to skirt the increasing weather
To make our port in truly good shape

As the storm begins to take shape
The crow cries of a darkening point
There is no escaping this dark weather
No more can I see a sky of blue
This enraged tempest has found me
In the wrath of a king's daughter

Waves breaking over the bowsprit's daughter
Lightning fills the sky with a mocking shape
I can feel death's icy hand on me
Mutinous crew held together at sword's point
Watch the lee or we'll rest in deep blue
Cursing the day we set before the weather

Morning's broken weather quelled a deep blue daughter
Sliding through channels of blue shows a growing shape
Just around that point my love waits for me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These Hands

Right extended in air
Sworn to serve and protect
What have they done
Where have they gone

Trained to fit the trigger
Squeezed round of devastation
Where have they gone
What have they done

Given new life on cold steel
Belching monsters of raw power
What have they done
Where have they gone

Bruised and beaten for cash
Mangled to meet the ends
Where have they gone
What have they done

Reborn to salty paradise
Blown to far reaches
What have they done
Where have they gone

Gentle touch on a tiller
Soft lullaby of the rig
Where have they gone
What have they done

Felt the sweet embrace
Held love for ten and nine
What have they done
Where have they gone

Always cherished the soft caress
Always melted through golden silk
Where they have always gone
What they have always done.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Echoes of Stardust (Palindrome)

children from stardust

travelers of galaxies

across suns of distant light

through softly spoken rings

stir echoes of enchantment

settle lightly down

down lightly settle

enchantment of echoes stir

rings spoken softly through

light distant of suns across

galaxies of travelers

stardust from children

Firefly (Lune)

Firefly From The Sky

Blinking Bright

Freedom Borne Through Glass