Monday, August 17, 2009

Darkened Void

Through the desolate wasteland of my mind I ponder,
Days spent traveling meadows of painted colors,
Hours spent in the sweet fragrance of love's embrace,
Increasing days yield the horror of shifting memories.

Doubts arise from deep within my hopeless abyss,
These wretched circumstances have left me raw,
From my isolation I peer into a distance time,
Wondering if my love has released her grasp on hope.

Tears of wanting mercy streak my heavy soul,
Overwhelming dreadful silence my only companion,
Challenging my every thought and questioning my reason,
The shifting of time through cold fingers of regret.

My heart breaks with a sound of unequalled thunder,
Reminiscence if the mighty ship which abandoned me here,
Pieces of mortal man's great achievement scattered like broken dreams,
Skeletal remains to remind me of my unending plight.

Humbled and broken I cry out to deaf ears,
Prostrate I fall without an ounce of resolve,
I fear my darkening heart is winning this battle,
Like a tattered sail, my hope wanes, covered in desperation.

For you see, the horizon holds my love, my all, my salvation.