Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Reason for the Season

Through the night sky a star so bright,
Travelers of a different land guided at night,
Beast of burden with cherished essence and spice,
An entourage to escort kings of thrice,

A census city full at every Inn,
A dark manger the only space for a night to spend,
Man's earthly possessions secured in their pen,
The only place to rest for a holy virgin,

Stories shared among friends of a shepherd's fire,
Watches of lamb and ewe that will not tire,
Conversations broken by announcement of a heavenly choir,
The arrival of Immanuel in line with David's sire,

At a time when only a Father would see fit,
Came favored grace from the Spirit,
The birth of the Son sent to every nation.
To bring a lost world an eternal salvation.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Together (Nonet)

My love abounds through the distant stars

With you by my side we will soar

Touching new worlds of wonder

Endlessly exploring

Forever loving

Hearts intertwined

Sharing fate

True love


Friday, November 2, 2007


From across the void I travel
Oh how has time spread it's wings
Distant are the footsteps of the past
Silence has become my unwitting partner
How will I ever know your touch again?
Have I forgotten how you feel?
Does the fragrance of your life elude me?
Do I stand a chance to hear the soft whisper of your voice?
Languishing through the stars I hear the faint melody
Just over the next horizon I may find you
A little farther and someday this journey will end
On the wings of despair I persevere
Driven by forces tugging on my very soul
Anguished and torn I continue this plight
An eternity I have searched
For an eternity I have loved
For an eternity I will continue on
For an eternity my love shall never wain
I will find you my love, in this eternity.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Epitaph (Prompt on Poefusion)

To Our Beloved Jud

Six feet under he does lie
We all came to say goodbye
No better friend we will miss
So here he lies in eternal bliss
To lose a friend is such a shame
However there is only one to blame
He would not have pass this way in vain
Had he only heard us all yell "Train!"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Tribute to the Clippers

Fleeting Moments

As the morning rises on the harbor, a lone ship can be seen rocking gently to the lullaby of the passive ocean roll. So tranquil is the scene that the only movement that can be noticed is the slow and subtle rising of the mist that surrounds her. With the night watch dozing and the crew sound asleep, the perfect silence is only broken by the occasional slap of the rigging. In a few moments the decks and gangways will be bustling with activity and the harbor coming to its frantic life. But for now, the powerful clipper slumbers quietly in a state rarely experienced by even the saltiest sea dog.

Another Tea Race

With the sails full and crews on edge, another race is at hand. The boards creaking and the rigging taunt, only winning is on every man's thoughts. Gale force winds push ship and sailor to the limit as even the gulls seem to labor to keep pace. As the salty sea sprays on each crew member's face, the famous ribbon awaits at the end of the race. For the winner it will be proudly displayed, and will be challenged for at every race day.

Endless Quest (Quatern)

Quietly passing through heavy blackness
Soft spoken whispers of an ancient past
Silently gliding in breathless movement
Mysterious creatures abiding within

Centuries abroad these traveling vagabonds
Quietly passing through heavy blackness
Endlessly searching far flung reaches
Unflinching sacrifice of sorrowed souls

Longing for days long since past
Renewing vigor for unspoken dreams
Quietly passing through heavy blackness
Restless in heart of unfailing dedication

Children of light and of stardust
Wayward bound for all eternity
Forever flowing on swift solar winds
Quietly passing through heavy blackness

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hope (Sestina)

As the torrential river flows under
Falling embers of burning bridges
I stand precariously on the rocky edge
Filled with contempt and pride I cry
Why hast thou forsaken my spirit
My faltering voice hangs in the chilling fog

Harrowing wrath echoes in the fog
What kind of spell have I fallen under
I share this cell with a dank spirit
Locked in a heart of dark towers and bridges
With icy fingers and a morbid cry
It takes my soul to the frightful edge

Dazzlingly I circle the abyss' edge
I listen as a voice rises through the fog
The spirit with me shrieks its ghastly cry
Writhing in pain searches for a rock to hide under
With a tear I scan the skeletal bridges
The resonating sound begins to warm my spirit

Come to me and crush this sinister spirit
Pull my soul back from the edge
Give me the strength to rebuild these bridges
Bring the sun to burn this fog
Break this spell I have fallen under
On tip toes I passionately cry

Straining to listen I hear the soft cry
In a heart beat I recognize this new spirit
I look up to see the stars I stand under
I peer beyond my abysmal edge
My sight no longer obscured by fog
I begin to recognize my heart's new bridges

Running now I cross one of love's bridges
Weak kneed and sobbingly I cry
Your love has dispersed the choking fog
Your love has rescued my lost spirit
Your love has pulled my soul from the edge
It is love's wing I race to rest under

I see the serene river flowing under rebuilt bridges
With soft sand at the edge and a stout gull's cry
I recognize love's spirit through banished fog.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where Have All The Knights Gone? (Monchielle)

Where have all the knights gone?

Underneath stars so bright

Riding ivory mares

Sheathed swords of many fights

Blushing maidens do stare

Where have all the knights gone?

Custom armor shine bright

Beautiful castle spire

Rolling hills in peace sway

Of young lads do inspire

Where have all the knights gone?

With unmasked chivalry

And unbridled honor

Of only truth doth speak

No merit to ponder

Where have all the knights gone?

To speak of days long past

Fills my heart with sorrow

Never more will we see

Brave knights on the morrow!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still Loving You I Wait (Message in a Bottle)

Through endless nights I stare
Fateful decisions running endless
Haunting guilt carried on the mare
Tidal optimism crushed by crashing swells
Echoes of harrowing fright carried breathlessly
Wind ripped sheets, storm tossed rig
Cracks of sightless thunder, Flash of mocking lightning
In laughing blackness I dwell
Heart beating in rhythmic desire, Soul void of life
Cries unheard in unabated isolation
Shakenly I taste sweet salt of tears
I close my eyes and feel soft breathing
Long flowing hair so gold and pure
Skin wonderfully delicate and delightlful
Silently I wait, For an Eternity I wait
Our love will bring us back together

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Your Love Protects Me

Today a gale blows and a tempest doest rage,
Poseidon’s wrath borne with menace,
With decks awash and hope lost,
I think of my love so fair,
As the winds plays a mournful tune in the rig,
I remember the calm nights spent,
The warm days and short walks,
Nay, I will not give up,
Batten the hatches, stow the gear, lads!
Hold course, watch the lee and stay fast,I will see my love again this day

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday 5 poem

Gears of War
Bloodshot eyes rolling through
Pinion soldiers grinding gears of war
Endless movements of gypsy travel
Devastation hangs in heavy mizzen
Beckons forever thirsty for conquer

Across the Sea

The midday sun warms my soul
A gentle breeze stirs tendrils of salt air
Minnows gingerly nip at my toes
High above the lone gull cries
You laughing at me again, silly bird?
Pay no never mind, nothing can dampen this spirit
For you see, I have deep joy in my breast
The return of my love may be today
From across the sea he is long overdue
With all my heart I worry not
For on the day my love departed
The long embrace and soft kiss
Told me of his safe return to my arms
So laugh you silly bird
For on the morrow it may be "Sail Ho!"

Friday, October 12, 2007

Your Love Surrounds Me (Paradelle)

Soft as the wind blows
Soft as the wind blows
Stay close to me heart of love
Stay close to me heart of love
Wind of love blows close to me
Stay soft as the heart

Silently, Secretly, warm my soul
Silently, Secretly, warm my soul
Love so gentle, Love so strange
Love so gentle, Love so strange
So gentle, so strange, secretly love
Silently warm my love soul

Through lofty heights it beckons
Through lofty heights it beckons
Flowing lovingly, soft as a whisper
Flowing lovingly, soft as a whisper
Lovingly flowing through lofty heights
Soft as a whisper it beckons

Lovingly warm my soul
Flowing wind blows silently through lofty heights
Secretly stay close to me
As the heart of love beckons
Love so strange, so gentle
Love it soft as a whisper

Your Love Surrounds Me

Soft as the wind blows
Stay close to me heart of love
Silently, secretly, warm my soul
Love so gentle, Love so strange
Through lofty heights it beckons
Flowing lovingly, soft as a whisper
Sweet essence, pure and comforting
Majestic in rhythm, Mighty in melody
Unflinching in desire, Unfaltering in compassion
Hope eternal wraps my soul
Joy forever lulls my deepest thoughts
In comfort I rest, In peace I stay
You Love surrounds me every day

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Check out this blog site

Found a blog site for's awesome with some serious talent on it. Check it out:

Poets Who Blog

Just a little tidbit...........

Here's your first bite, its basically a prologue paragraph to the first book. It is short, but it sets a tone which will foreshadow events that take place in the trilogy. When I decided to try my hand at writing a novel, I originally decided on just a sci-fi novel. But something happens when you start writing, your characters seem to become more real, more flesh and bone. You start to feel like you know each of them intimately and so this realization sort of change my direction for the book. I decided I need to develop a relationship between two of the main characters which I hope will bring more of a twist to the storyline than just a straight sci-fi adventure novel. We'll see, anyways here is the prologue and I will post part of the first chapter soon.

The Outer Rim - The Awakening
It’s dark. Space is always dark…..and cold. Sure there are stars, galaxies, gaseous anomalies and objects older than time itself. Even with these however, it remains dark and cold. There is no comfort in staring into space. The mind wanders, memories good and bad vying for attention. Mainly it’s the coldness and emptiness that gets you. One day, maybe the pain will stop. Maybe… day.

Monday, February 5, 2007

So, this is a blog eh?

I finally decided to try my hand at blogging. "Why?" do you ask? Well, naturally because my wife told me I should! She has all the good ideas anyways.

Hopefully here I can keep you abreast of my upcoming first book and I plan on posting some excepts from the manuscript to tickle your fancy.

So stay tuned and have patience with me, I am a first time blogger after all!