Thursday, November 6, 2008

Soul Wanderer

Gently gliding through clouds of newborn stars,
Casting glances back at worlds in translucent darkness,
Riding wings of hope while clutching the mane of destiny,
Softly caressing dreams common to distant travelers.

I travel alone, always looking forward, never behind.
This ship is my home, a refuge in the vast domain.

Listening to echoes of ancient songs in rhythmic time,
Meandering mindless fields of sobering thoughts,
Finding solace in gentle tugs of wayward gravity,
Searching timeless realms of silent wanderings.

My destiny calls me to this realm, once again solo.
This life is my own, a hell of my own creation

Coasting along this thoroughfare which never ends,
Lightly touching the shadows that always surround,
Grasping aimlessly at anchors of uncertain hope,
Looking for even a nuance of recognition in this despair.

Slowly fading, sinking into my own abyss.
All prospects seem to disappear as in a black hole.

Seizing a safe mooring which floats in this gloom,
Remembering hazy whispers of distant arenas of time,
Calmly soothing rough edges of fractured dreams,
Discovering tranquil peace that transcends all ages.

You grab hold, clutching me, securing the line.
Hopelessness fades as I gaze upon your face.

This poem is in reponse to the promt on 3WW . The words are in bold. This is also a collaboration between my wife and I. Hers are in italic. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ave Regina coelorum

Forged by fire of a smith's hand
From molten form comes symbol of power
Elegance carved into each corner of imperial metal
Symbol of wealth and blood of sovereign accord

Vibration of rhythmic hymns to Queen of the Heavens
Dutiful monks of ages past treading softly over stone
Ghosts of incense drifting lazily in lofty heights
Find the faithful on bended knee reverently clutching

Of coronations and lay of state in centuries past
Courts of countries pass through hallowed halls
Crusades beginning in pronouncement of God's will
Balance of sovereign power dully colliding in ancient realms

Spires reaching towards lofty heavens
Carved dedications to pursuit of holy heights
Symbols of national treasures abounding within
Echoing scenes of red music of burning glass