Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ave Regina coelorum

Forged by fire of a smith's hand
From molten form comes symbol of power
Elegance carved into each corner of imperial metal
Symbol of wealth and blood of sovereign accord

Vibration of rhythmic hymns to Queen of the Heavens
Dutiful monks of ages past treading softly over stone
Ghosts of incense drifting lazily in lofty heights
Find the faithful on bended knee reverently clutching

Of coronations and lay of state in centuries past
Courts of countries pass through hallowed halls
Crusades beginning in pronouncement of God's will
Balance of sovereign power dully colliding in ancient realms

Spires reaching towards lofty heavens
Carved dedications to pursuit of holy heights
Symbols of national treasures abounding within
Echoing scenes of red music of burning glass


Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Scott~ Your words strongly intertwined in God's home are beautifully written.

I'm pleased to hear your wife will be joining the Tuesday Title this week. Can't wait to see her response. Tell everyone I said hello. Have a nice night.

Greyscale Territory said...

This almost seems like a fragment of an epic! Such a sense of grand moment and circumstance! Beautiful!

Dan said...

Scott, I'm nearly at a loss for words! I've read it through four times, the images you create are as powerful as the fantastic photo.

Scott Clawson said...

Thank you Dan, Gemma and Michelle for your inspiring comments! I do appreciate each of them.