Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Reason for the Season

Through the night sky a star so bright,
Travelers of a different land guided at night,
Beast of burden with cherished essence and spice,
An entourage to escort kings of thrice,

A census city full at every Inn,
A dark manger the only space for a night to spend,
Man's earthly possessions secured in their pen,
The only place to rest for a holy virgin,

Stories shared among friends of a shepherd's fire,
Watches of lamb and ewe that will not tire,
Conversations broken by announcement of a heavenly choir,
The arrival of Immanuel in line with David's sire,

At a time when only a Father would see fit,
Came favored grace from the Spirit,
The birth of the Son sent to every nation.
To bring a lost world an eternal salvation.