Saturday, September 27, 2008


Across the starry divide I peer
Where heavens coincide with the sea
Where stars dance to the eerie moon
Where echoes of the past come haunting

Time has left me with mocking laughter
I see no end to my dismal plight
I see hope galloping across moonlit waters
I see my life as it used to be known

For ages my heart has beckoned for love
When fields where green and skies were blue
When laughter of joy filled the room
When tears of compassion drowned every sorrow

With increasing despair I wait
My love keeps the rhythm of my heart
My love calms my agonizing soul
My love strengthens my will to persevere

Come my love..........come soon

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Echoed Silence (Quatern)

Slowly, I scan the barren wasteland
Fatigue, it seems, has become my partner
Endless twilight fills the portals
Mocking my thoughts of restless wonder

Ghostly sounds of monotonous creaking
Slowly, I scan the barren wasteland
Caught upward in this icy entrapment
I think lovingly of my love left home

Relinquishing thoughts to my secluded surroundings
I listen intently for past conversations
Slowly, I scan the barren wasteland
Tearfully realizing I'm in echoed silence

I smooth the embroidery passionately sewn
Hoping love will thaw this isolation
Fearful of a coming darkness
Slowly, I scan the barren wasteland

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sailing Barque (Tyburn)





Sailing barque, reaching, tacking upward.

Minding her rigging, sailing onward.

Monday, September 1, 2008


With no moonlight on her hair-
She's saddened by her ebbing chi,
A sea strand of land
Like a finger reaching
Through the sea amid roses, beckoning.
Her hand gliding away like imperial
Seagulls on a breath of air.
She's going to become less as
A watery mermaid amid earthed boundaries.
Crashing waves echo one conversation
In this cruel moment where
love was forever left away.
Clouds came in concealing unrivaled
Content in finding her moon.