Monday, September 1, 2008


With no moonlight on her hair-
She's saddened by her ebbing chi,
A sea strand of land
Like a finger reaching
Through the sea amid roses, beckoning.
Her hand gliding away like imperial
Seagulls on a breath of air.
She's going to become less as
A watery mermaid amid earthed boundaries.
Crashing waves echo one conversation
In this cruel moment where
love was forever left away.
Clouds came in concealing unrivaled
Content in finding her moon.


Michelle Johnson said...

Hey Scott~ Thanks for giving my skeleton poem a try. You did really well with this exercise. Making it your own with some restraints in place makes for a good challenge, don't you think? Nice job. Have a nice day.

lissa said...

I like your take, you crafted a beautiful story, full of longings