Saturday, September 27, 2008


Across the starry divide I peer
Where heavens coincide with the sea
Where stars dance to the eerie moon
Where echoes of the past come haunting

Time has left me with mocking laughter
I see no end to my dismal plight
I see hope galloping across moonlit waters
I see my life as it used to be known

For ages my heart has beckoned for love
When fields where green and skies were blue
When laughter of joy filled the room
When tears of compassion drowned every sorrow

With increasing despair I wait
My love keeps the rhythm of my heart
My love calms my agonizing soul
My love strengthens my will to persevere

Come my love..........come soon


punatik said...

This is beautiful Scott, thanks for visiting me.
A lot of wonderful imagery.

lissa said...

romantic longing fills every word, you must be a hopeless romantic with a positive outlook

keiths ramblings said...

Stunning! Simply beautiful.

LB said...

Lovely, your family is so blessed to have you. Did you obtain the picture yourself? it is awe inspiring with the words with the last stanza. Imagine waiting back then and the shipwrecks and you don't hear anything for years. Sniffle, sniffle...don't you have a much older brother? :)

susan said...

Hi Scott,

Something about a sensitive guy. Thanks for the read. Please share a new link with us for Little Lovin' Monday.

floreta said...

very romantic. i like all the imagery in your poems.. they seem to have similar themes

Sara said...

You are being featured at pwb today.

ghost said...

your writing has an old world feel - i like.