Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At Journey's End

A glance aft shows black weather
Seas confused by Poseidon's daughter
Off the bow last glimpse of horizon blue
Sightless fury make sails take shape
A few more leagues and she'll clear the point
If all goes well this ship will bear me

Weeks at sea this life has found me
Through calm seas and horrid weather
Pressing to hold our lead at point
Looking to glimpse the keeper's daughter
Following nightly stars of a different shape
Keel steady in the ocean of blue

Spin a yarn to chase the blue
Do I hear boards creaking or me
Scrub daily to keep the decks in shape
Watch the sails as they show some weather
Fancy the tender be the ship's daughter
Steady the helm to keep a compass point

Trace the line from a charted point
Dream of my love dressed in blue
A twin image of a mother's daughter
Remember the day she betrothed me
I'll need to skirt the increasing weather
To make our port in truly good shape

As the storm begins to take shape
The crow cries of a darkening point
There is no escaping this dark weather
No more can I see a sky of blue
This enraged tempest has found me
In the wrath of a king's daughter

Waves breaking over the bowsprit's daughter
Lightning fills the sky with a mocking shape
I can feel death's icy hand on me
Mutinous crew held together at sword's point
Watch the lee or we'll rest in deep blue
Cursing the day we set before the weather

Morning's broken weather quelled a deep blue daughter
Sliding through channels of blue shows a growing shape
Just around that point my love waits for me.


Greyscale Territory said...

I am almost shivering and shaking about trying this sestina.

And you have done so well with it. Flows beautifully!

(Sorry! Totally mucked up my first posting!)


Michelle Johnson said...

Scott~ This is beautiful. I felt like I was on that sailboat with you coursing through those waves trying to get home to my loved one. Your sestina is much better than mine. Thanks for giving this form a try. Have a nice day.

anthonynorth said...

I was there with you - could taste the salt in the air.

christine said...

This is wonderful reflection of the mind of a sailor. I imagine being able to hear his thoughts as he works on the deck of his ship, thinking about his love back at home. Great details. I can tell you're a seafaring man, from your poem, and from your photo.

UL said...

this is so very sweet, liked each stanza and how you brought it to its beautiful end....

Anna said...

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