Monday, April 7, 2008

Firefly (Lune)

Firefly From The Sky

Blinking Bright

Freedom Borne Through Glass


Michelle Johnson said...

Scott, your lune & picture conjure memories of my childhood. Many a night I would catch lightning bugs and place them inside a jar whose lid was poked with several holes for them to breath. They still died though or escaped. Thank you for stopping by Poefusion today. Your lune was a delight to read. Have a nice night.

Noah The Great said...

Oh wow! Imagery is excellent in this piece.

watermaid said...

I love the way your lune is tightly bound together by the internal rhymes and the alliteration.

Greyscale Territory said...

Every word is a burst of image!



paisley said...

hi scott... good to see you on poefusion!!!! i miss fireflies... we had then in ohio when i was a kid... but none here in north cali

ghost said...

Did you write more about the

Did I miss it?