Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Beneath

Aphrodite by LXZP from Photobucket

Silently vying for space in a jungle

Souls march on in determined way

Decisions made and contracts confirmed

Hurried in pace, narrowed in sight

Time bought by advanced technology

Disappearing sand lost to efficiency

Net gain and loss make the bottom

Fulfilled life find quality a loss

Sun shining through a crystal realm

From beneath a view of chaos

Amusement found in a maze of mice

Wonderment over a multitude of fuss

From a position of calm and contentment

Wishing more would stop to enjoy

This life of enjoyment and discovery

Jump the wagon to see nothing you'll miss


Michelle Johnson said...

Your poem is great. I get the feeling of frenzy when I read your words. I agree everyone should slow down and take the time to see what's around them instead of always working so hard. Hope your day is starting off well.

lissa said...

the first line says it all, kind of describing life in New York

paisley said...

having just recently resided in the world of tech support in order to accomplish things i have no means of accomplishing in my own... i can attest to the frenzied state that has been brought on by the fast pace and technology with which we have learned to reside... i am ever so ready.. to stop look and listen... and what a glorious first platform this was.....

gautami tripathy said...

I see everyone hurrying! Only school teachers like me are left behind..LOL!

UL said...

this is lovely, i enjoyed it...life hits us fast doesnt it ?and before we know its gone...

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

What a mood this created, Scott.

I try to enjoy the moment rather than rush through; most days successful, others not.

Vesper de Vil said...

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Anna said...

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, my response bounced from your email address. So here it is in a comment:

"Thanks so much for your email. Right now I am battling with my webhost - the reason you can't access my site is that they decided to suspend it due to it using too many resources! And they won't reactivate for another 6 or 7 hours. So my main focus right now is ... finding another webhost.

"Free Love Poems" is actually fine. If you want to leave the link that way I would be quite happy. I do have a page of links to Free Love Poems on my site and I know a lot of people are searching for those. I'm sorry if I asked for a link exchange when you had already linked to me - must have been an oversight somewhere!

I will check your son's site for sure. I just need to handle this webhosting nightmare first, okay?"