Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where Have All The Knights Gone? (Monchielle)

Where have all the knights gone?

Underneath stars so bright

Riding ivory mares

Sheathed swords of many fights

Blushing maidens do stare

Where have all the knights gone?

Custom armor shine bright

Beautiful castle spire

Rolling hills in peace sway

Of young lads do inspire

Where have all the knights gone?

With unmasked chivalry

And unbridled honor

Of only truth doth speak

No merit to ponder

Where have all the knights gone?

To speak of days long past

Fills my heart with sorrow

Never more will we see

Brave knights on the morrow!


Michelle Johnson said...

This poem is certainly better than mine but, I used something simple to get the point across. Plus it was an excuse to use my dog in a poem. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your poem. You are quiet the poet and you have an eye for adding just the right picture.

Have a nice night.

Michelle Johnson said...

Almost forgot! Thanks for dropping by Poefusion and trying out the new poetic form. The Sestina will be next. I'll post the form sometime before tomorrow night.


Scott Clawson said...

Thanks Michelle, I bet your dog is as cute as your poem! The picture in the poem is actually a picture of downtown Schweinfurt, Germany. Where I was stationed in the Army. I actually wanted a picture of a castle, but all my castle pictures are on 35mm, not in digital format. Thanks again for the kind comments and I look forward to trying the next poetic form!


Anonymous said...

The repetition draws me into this poem.

Sara from PWB

ekhosama said...

ya huh, I am a knight myself. I slayed Grendel. jk. This poem's good, it reminds me of Miniver Cheevy, a famous poem. I liketh thy poem.


Anonymous said...

Scott did you always live in Gwynn's Island? I used to live next to a kid that stayed with his grandmother named scotty...just wondered.