Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hope (Sestina)

As the torrential river flows under
Falling embers of burning bridges
I stand precariously on the rocky edge
Filled with contempt and pride I cry
Why hast thou forsaken my spirit
My faltering voice hangs in the chilling fog

Harrowing wrath echoes in the fog
What kind of spell have I fallen under
I share this cell with a dank spirit
Locked in a heart of dark towers and bridges
With icy fingers and a morbid cry
It takes my soul to the frightful edge

Dazzlingly I circle the abyss' edge
I listen as a voice rises through the fog
The spirit with me shrieks its ghastly cry
Writhing in pain searches for a rock to hide under
With a tear I scan the skeletal bridges
The resonating sound begins to warm my spirit

Come to me and crush this sinister spirit
Pull my soul back from the edge
Give me the strength to rebuild these bridges
Bring the sun to burn this fog
Break this spell I have fallen under
On tip toes I passionately cry

Straining to listen I hear the soft cry
In a heart beat I recognize this new spirit
I look up to see the stars I stand under
I peer beyond my abysmal edge
My sight no longer obscured by fog
I begin to recognize my heart's new bridges

Running now I cross one of love's bridges
Weak kneed and sobbingly I cry
Your love has dispersed the choking fog
Your love has rescued my lost spirit
Your love has pulled my soul from the edge
It is love's wing I race to rest under

I see the serene river flowing under rebuilt bridges
With soft sand at the edge and a stout gull's cry
I recognize love's spirit through banished fog.


Michelle Johnson said...

I love this. I felt an underlying faith here inside your words as well as a renewing/ restoring. I think the sestina is a very hard challenge. But, you met it well. Keep up the good work.

Have a nice night.

Soham said...

Vovovo.... thats what I call imagery man!
That was a great piece of write up.

"Harrowing wrath echoes in the fog
What kind of spell have I fallen under"


"Running now I cross one of love's bridges
Weak kneed and sobbingly I cry"


Scott Clawson said...

Thank you Michelle for taking the time to put the challenges up. It was very hard, but very fun, thank you again!

Thank you very much soham for those encouraging words. I've visited your site, love it. Thanks again.


Jo said...

You really rose to a very tricky challenge!

Christine said...

I think your sestina is lovely, with an optimistic ending. I'm going to try one myself! I can tell it's going to be tough.

Biotress said...

Great work!

Scott Clawson said...

Thank you Jo and Christine, it was actually quite fun once I started and got on a roll, good luck with yours, let me know when you have it done so I can check it!