Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Tribute to the Clippers

Fleeting Moments

As the morning rises on the harbor, a lone ship can be seen rocking gently to the lullaby of the passive ocean roll. So tranquil is the scene that the only movement that can be noticed is the slow and subtle rising of the mist that surrounds her. With the night watch dozing and the crew sound asleep, the perfect silence is only broken by the occasional slap of the rigging. In a few moments the decks and gangways will be bustling with activity and the harbor coming to its frantic life. But for now, the powerful clipper slumbers quietly in a state rarely experienced by even the saltiest sea dog.

Another Tea Race

With the sails full and crews on edge, another race is at hand. The boards creaking and the rigging taunt, only winning is on every man's thoughts. Gale force winds push ship and sailor to the limit as even the gulls seem to labor to keep pace. As the salty sea sprays on each crew member's face, the famous ribbon awaits at the end of the race. For the winner it will be proudly displayed, and will be challenged for at every race day.

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