Saturday, October 13, 2007

Across the Sea

The midday sun warms my soul
A gentle breeze stirs tendrils of salt air
Minnows gingerly nip at my toes
High above the lone gull cries
You laughing at me again, silly bird?
Pay no never mind, nothing can dampen this spirit
For you see, I have deep joy in my breast
The return of my love may be today
From across the sea he is long overdue
With all my heart I worry not
For on the day my love departed
The long embrace and soft kiss
Told me of his safe return to my arms
So laugh you silly bird
For on the morrow it may be "Sail Ho!"


punatik said...

I miss Sailing. My 26 ft. Ranger is in a storage yard on the mainland. However when I sailed , no one ever waited for me like in this piece. Maybe one day, When I transpac.
You've captured all the longing.

Anonymous said...

Scott...glad you put this up on Little Lovin'...I was happy to read this the perception of the sea gull laughing...

susan said...

When I met my guy, we were living in two different cities. There were a lot of days waiting. While love is romantic, the waiting was hard. I'm glad there's no more waiting.

And your home, ah. Love the east coast. Would love to see and experience what you do.

Thanks for the post.

ghost said...

I am such a sucker for wordsa bout' the sea.