Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a little tidbit...........

Here's your first bite, its basically a prologue paragraph to the first book. It is short, but it sets a tone which will foreshadow events that take place in the trilogy. When I decided to try my hand at writing a novel, I originally decided on just a sci-fi novel. But something happens when you start writing, your characters seem to become more real, more flesh and bone. You start to feel like you know each of them intimately and so this realization sort of change my direction for the book. I decided I need to develop a relationship between two of the main characters which I hope will bring more of a twist to the storyline than just a straight sci-fi adventure novel. We'll see, anyways here is the prologue and I will post part of the first chapter soon.

The Outer Rim - The Awakening
It’s dark. Space is always dark…..and cold. Sure there are stars, galaxies, gaseous anomalies and objects older than time itself. Even with these however, it remains dark and cold. There is no comfort in staring into space. The mind wanders, memories good and bad vying for attention. Mainly it’s the coldness and emptiness that gets you. One day, maybe the pain will stop. Maybe… day.

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