Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday 5 poem

Gears of War
Bloodshot eyes rolling through
Pinion soldiers grinding gears of war
Endless movements of gypsy travel
Devastation hangs in heavy mizzen
Beckons forever thirsty for conquer


Scott Clawson said...

Friday 5 is a challenge left by Michelle at Poefusion every Friday to make a poem out of 5 random & challenging.

Michelle Johnson said...

Your poem wasn't so much dark as it was accurate. I wish the troops didn't have to endure such hardship/sadness. But, I tip my hat to anyone who faces what they do everyday. Thanks for sharing such a nice poem. Keep up the good work.

Have a nice day.

Jo said...

An interesting run with the words.

tumblewords said...

I agree with Michelle - Not so dark as it is accurate - but very nicely done with the prompt!

Scott Clawson said...

Thank you michelle, jo and tunblewords for your words of encouragement!