Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flickers of Faith

Majestic in movements brought forth,

Of one's soul beams beacons of light,

Reverent prayers whispered in hallowed halls,

Pressing dutifully on faithfully bended knees.

Remembrance of days long since convened,

Wisps of fragrance linger on ghostly winds,

Echoed chants praising Regina coelorum,

Solemn scenes pass painted glass of form.

Stately masses flow in faithful tide,

Reaching upward with spiraling longing,

In shadows of alters prostrate fall,

Harmonizing requests of loved one's fate.


ghost said...


Jeeves said...

Lovely one

Lela B said...

That is a spirit lifter! I really liked the flow and I read this at the right time od this day. Thanks...

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